The E-CO2™ 150

Dry Ice Blasting + Abrasive

Traditional methods for corrosion and industrial coating removal lead to a considerable amount of respirable dust and secondary waste and often leave residue or moisture on the surface being cleaned.

That’s why we designed the E-CO2 150. It combines a Cold Jet dry ice blasting machine (PLT 60, Aero 80 or C100) with a custom 1.5 cubic feet pressurized abrasive pot. The system has been developed specifically to feed Cold Jet’s proprietary mix of dry ice and an abrasive medium to ensure dust is significantly lowered by up to 97%, well below OSHA guidelines (3rd party verified).

By utilizing our patented SureFlow System, a full 150lb load can be run through the system without the risk of clogging. This ensures that the E-CO2 150 will maintain a pulse-free blast stream that cleans uniformly on every pass.

With automated hopper agitation and the ability to operate with long lengths of hose, the E-CO2 150 will let you clean in locations never before possible without fear of downtime.

The custom blast pot enables users to experience accurate dosing of abrasive material, self-regulating capabilities and integration of applicator control mechanisms to ensure dry ice and the abrasive feed together simultaneously when the trigger is pulled.

The E-CO2 150 also offers a stronger degree of versatility, allowing for non-destructive cleaning with just dry ice and also more aggressive cleaning with Cold Jet’s propriety abrasive mix while remaining environmentally responsible. You can feel confident in knowing that once you pull up to a job that you’ll be able to tackle it with the E-CO2 150.des remote monitoring and diagnostics.

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The E-CO2 150 Advantage

Reduce Respirable Dust
3rd party verified to reduce respirable and nuisance dust by up to 97%.

Meet OSHA and Environmental Guidelines
Easily meet regulatory guidelines for respirable dust and secondary waste.

Allows for Immediate Re-coating
The solution does not leave moisture or residue on surfaces, which eliminates drying time.

Achieve Cleanliness Levels
SP 10 / SA 2.5 / NA 2

Non-destructive cleaning with just dry ice and also more aggressive cleaning with Cold Jet’s propriety abrasive mix.

Environmentally Responsible
Dry ice is made of reclaimed CO2, while the abrasive media is also reclaimed from other industrial processes.

E-CO2 150 Features

  • Pair with the PLT 60, Aero 80 or C100
  • Custom 1.5 cu ft pressurized abrasive pot
  • Integration of applicator control mechanisms

E-CO2 150 Specifications

Blast Pot Capacity 68 kg
Dimensions 60.9 x 53.3 x 99.1 cm
Dry Weight 61.2 kg
Blast Pressure Range 50 to 150 psi (3.5 to 10.3 bar)
Supply Pressure Range 100 to 150 psi (6.9 to 10.3 bar)
Nozzle Air Consumption Range 70 to 215 cfm (2.0 to 6.1 m3/min) at 80 psi (5.5 bar)

A wide and dynamic line of the industry’s most technologically advanced and efficient nozzles.

A varied line of applicators that are designed for comfort, safety and simplicity.

A complete range of flexible and durable air and blast hoses.

Additional Accessories
Enhance your cleaning experience with accessories that make blasting easier.


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